Inshallah Ranch

97873 Izee Paulina Lane

Canyon City, OR - $14,000,000

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About Inshallah Ranch

Located south of John Day Oregon in the shadow of Mahogany Mountain and bordering the Malheur National Forest, the Mathisen Ranch offers a substantial holding in one of Central Oregon’s most attractive locations. The ranch, consisting of roughly 12,000 contiguous deeded acres, with a private (out the gate) 12,000 acre USFS grazing permit for 682 AUM’s in Malheur National Forest. Diverse habitat supports world class mule deer, elk, antelope, bear, cougar along with wild turkeys, grouse and small game. The ranch has an exquisite main home, 3 additional residences, an exceptional equine setup as well as a 3,600 foot airstrip.