Pease River Ranch

Childress, TX - $5,121,900

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About Pease River Ranch


A 3,794-acre piece of Texas history is for sale on the Rolling plains of Texas. The Pease River Ranch, a former cattle ranch---now a hunter’s paradise---was once part of the vast historical Mill Iron Ranch. The property is located 24 miles south of Childress, near the southeastern edge of the Texas Panhandle.
Pease River Ranch, Ltd., a Texas limited partnership, purchased the ranch in 1997 after it had been leased for more than 30 years to the Texas Bird Hunters Association. Quail hunting has been the priority.

The Pease River Ranch is part of the Cee Vee Division of the Mill Iron, started in Baylor County by the Continental Land and Cattle Company in the late 19th century. In 1884, Col. William E. Hughes, a partner in the vast Mill Iron holdings, purchased all of the holdings, consisting of 291,739 acres in Cottle, Motley, Hall, and Collingsworth counties. Much of the land was cut into farms in 1927.

Today, the Pease River Ranch in Cottle County is a hunter’s playground, as is much of this area of Texas, which produces quality hunting for quail and dove, white-tailed deer, mule deer, Rio Grande turkey and wild hogs.

The Pease River Ranch is home to many bird and mammal game species.

The ranch has several locations ideal for a wind farm, which has the potential to increase the investment value of the property. A number of creeks run through the property, located south of the North Pease River.

Directions: From Childress, go south on U.S. 83 16 miles. Turn right on FM 1440. Go 7.8 miles to the ranch’s sandstone entrance on the right. From Paducah, go north 15 miles on U.S. 83. Turn left on FM 1440. Go 7.8 miles to the ranch’s sandstone entrance on the right.

The Pease River Ranch has three living quarters---two double-wide homes and one single-wide home---owned by the individual partners of Pease River Ranch, Ltd. The living quarters have public water.

The living quarters may be purchased at a discounted value or will be moved to a new location after closing.

A month-to month grazing lease is in place for 100 head of cattle and brings $14,400 per year.

A large metal barn has a shed on the south side, and there are two sets of working pens.

Pasture improve-ments include spraying of mesquite and planting special grasses. Some mechanical clearing has also been done in heavy mesquite to complement the hunting.

Ranch improvements include a new perimeter fence and a rebuilt perimeter fence (2009); some old perimeter fence; eight wells, including six with solar pumps (one with a windmill, one with electricity, and all with water troughs); and ranch roads throughout the ranch.

A tractor with a front-end bucket, a no-till drill, a spring-tooth plow, and a soil aerator with weights are included in the ranch sale price. Some equipment, such as gates, pipe for posts, and wire are also included.

Five feeders, including deer and bird feeders, are owned by the ranch partnership and will be transferred to the buyer(s).

A professional trapper has reduced the number of raccoons (above), bobcats, and coyotes to enhance the quail and turkey populations on the Pease River Ranch. The largest take of raccoons was seven in one night. Game season weather is generally moderate in this part of Texas.