Pyatt Well Ranch

Roswell, NM - $1,600,000

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About Pyatt Well Ranch

$10,000 bonus to selling office if closed by 30 June 2018.

Open range, beautiful terrain, and exquisite sunsets are what you will find at the Pyatt Well Ranch. Few places in the nation offer the wide opens spaces available in New Mexico. The West is still alive in this part of the world, and dreams of ranching, grazing cattle, and experiencing a traditional way of life can happen here.

Just 10 miles from Roswell, the Pyatt Well Ranch offers the peace and quiet of country living and working, but is not too far away from the conveniences of modern day life.

Natural water holes appear after a rain and the ranch offers quality native grasses for grazing. With a carrying
capacity of 126, the Pyatt Well Ranch is the perfect place for a cattle grazing operation. The ranch consists of 8,729 total acres: 3,360 Deeded; 3,184 State; 1,705 BLM; 480 Uncontrolled.