Delilah Ranch

1520 Delilah Drive

Canon City, CO - $729,950

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About Delilah Ranch

Delilah Ranch

Youll love this custom-built, environmentally friendly home sitting at 8300 altitude in the RockyMountains of Colorado!

The lofty goal of this home was to create a truly sustainable home - not only characterized by itsability to give back to the environment but to look good and be comfortable. This was not a housebuiltwith sponsorship or unlimited funds but by someone with a view tohelpingtheenvironment in asmall way and with a tight limited budget. Compromises had to be made mainly due tolocalregulationsand available funds but the finished home is sustainable, efficient, and in my eyes at least,looks good and will be comfortable to live in plus you have 35 acres to roam in!

A lot of research was done up front on the types of systems that could be used, the materials andwhatpotential there was to recycle.

The final design-an interpretation of a Swisschalet was a collaboration between the owner (floorplansandEco-systems) and Stan Powers of Linwood Homes who provided the structuralworkandthetimber for the build.

The Land

The house is located on a35-acre hillside about 45 miles directly west from Colorado Springs set at8,300 feet and 38.45N on abuilding plotideally situated to benefit fromyear-round solargain.Thehousewas orientated such that the longest facade isslight tothe east of south so thatit would receive maximum

solar gain throughout the year but with construction features to limitoverheatingduringthe long hot summers this area receives.

The House

Designed to maximize space, the house uses a post and beam construction style where all of thematerials inthe structural build are wood; Douglas fir beams, Western Red Cedar for theframe andsiding, SPF (Spruce/Pine/Fir) walls and 2x 15 solid SPF rafters.

Internally the walls and ceilings are either or 5 / 8 gypsum depending on location with a plastercovering, all cavities are filled as follows; vaulted ceiling R45 (U=0.043), walls R21 (U=0.068), framefloors R30 (U=0.042), foundation wall R13 and the foundation slab has a U=0.079.

Exterior doors are made from R7.14fiberglass with a U=0.124, the windows, of which there is almost1,000 sq. ft. are double glazed Low E .33/.28 units with a U=0.330 whilst all the internaldoors aresolid pine.

With so much glass positioned for maximum solar gain in winter the risk to overheating in summerwas veryhigh so in order to reduce this effect the roof overhang has been designed toprovide shadefor theliving and sleeping areas whilst the first-floor deck provides shade for the lower flooroffice andstudyareas. This shading reduces and, in some instances, removes the effects of solar burning.

The energy study conducted on the finished home has given it a Five Star Plus Home Energy RatingCertificate with a HERS Index of 49

The Systems

Grid-tied Solar PV tiles

Choosing PV tiles instead of panels was an easy decision due to the aesthetic look and how theyblend inwith the concrete tiles and although more expensive than panels, technology hasraised theefficiency ofthe tile and they compete veryfavorably withPV panels. The set-up allowsfor feeding unused

green electricity back into the grid and to receive settlement payments at the end of each yearand asColorado boasts 300 sunny days a year there is a likelihood of being in credit at year end.

Inaddition, the system has been designed to have the capability for a wind turbine to be added at alater date if required.

Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP)

Due to the nature of thetopsoil on thesite, it was decided to have a vertical system installed, the pump chosenwas a Synergy 3D SDV049 that would provide both heating and cooling. This systemuses the environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant and has dual scroll compressor providing aheating Co-efficient of Performance (COP) of 4.2 and cooling Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 21.7,with summer daytime temperatures regularly around 30C (85F) cooling is a necessity.

The system uses fourboreholes each drilled to an approximate depth of 200ft with the inserted pipesstabilized usinggrout and linked externally before being brought into the house. Atthis depth, thetemperature ismore constant and should not vary throughout the year making thesystem moreefficient. During the hot summer months, the system which is linked to a wholehouse ventilationductwork removedthe warm air from the house and passes it across the heatexchangerprovidingheat tothe hot water tank for free hot water and then returning the cooled air to the housefor airconditioning.The GSHP is designed such that it not only provides heating but also hot water regardless ofthe timeofyear.

Radiant floor heating

Radiant floor heating is an ideal partner to a GSHP as it does not require as much heat to heat a roomassaya radiator and is more efficient and provides a more constant temperature as it doesnot relyon movingair around to heat the room. The house has been designed for maximum control,it hasbeen splitinto 12 zones covering living, sleeping as well as working and garage areaswith individualcontrol ofboth heating and cooling for each zone.If the radiant floor heating requires a little extra help in winter then the air can be pulledfrom therooms andadded as a top-up to the heating system or alternatively the installed log stove canbe firedup usingwood harvested from the35-acre property.


This house is built from 75% renewable resources; it provides an estimated 60% of its electricityneeds andcan be extended to 100% if required, it is heated from a natural resource andis extremelywell-insulatedto reduce natural losses.

If you would like to view this exquisite home contact Twila Geroux, Hayden Outdoors, at719-371-4344 for your private showing.

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