Cotterel Equestrian Farm in Colorado

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About Cotterel Equestrian Farm in Colorado


Cotterel Farms is on the east side of US Highway 85 and Airport Road, just three miles north of Sedalia, Colorado. The property has US-85 frontage and a variety of tree and shrubs cover, gently rolling terrain, a number of quality improvements and plentiful water.


Cotterel Farm has 398+/- acres, generally in a rectangular shape with over 2,000 feet of frontage on US-85 and a variety of tree and shrub cover, which attract the local wildlife. Topography is gently rolling terrain at an average elevation of 5,835 feet with slightly higher elevation near the center of the property.


The property has excellent underground water resources with both appropriated deep water and existing wells.

Deep Water:
The Denver, Arapahoe, and Laramie-Fox Hills aquifer groundwater underlying the 414 acres was decreed in Case No. 97 CWO74, District Count, Water Division 1 in the following amounts:
Aquifer - Annual Amount
Denver - 104 acre feet (not non--tributary)
Arapahoe - 239 acre feet (non-tributary)
Laramie, Fox Hills - 106 acre feet (non-tributary)

Well Permit No. 64618- F, completed in October 2006, into the non-tributary Arapahoe aquifer to a depth of 1305 foot. The well is permitted for a rate of flow of 300 gallons per minute to withdraw up to 239 acre-feet per year pursuant to the terms of the decree in Case No. 97 CWO74, for irrigation, commercial, domestic, livestock, fire protection, augmentation and exchange. The well is constructed of 6 5/8ths steel casing and the pump installation report indicates that the well can pump at 300 gallons per minute.

Shallow water – Exempt Wells:
There are currently four Denver aquifer exempt wells permitted and constructed for use on the land as described below:

Permit Nos. 271201, 271162, 271163, and 27116. The wells are permitted as only one well on an associated 35 or more-acre tract as shown on the State Engineer’s records. Each well is permitted for a rate of flow of 15 gpm to be used for fire protection, ordinary household purposes inside not more than three (3) single family dwellings, watering of poultry, domestic animals and livestock on a farm or ranch and the irrigation of not more than one (1) acre of home lawn and garden. There are not metering or reporting requirements for these wells. The well permit record with the State Engineer’s Office for each well is complete (well construction and pump installation reports filed).


A high-quality, 18-stall, 7,685-square-foot horse barn has utilities, restrooms, lounge and tack and feed room areas. Built in 2007, there are two caretaker’s homes, each with 1,952 square feet, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The fenced property several open-faced sheds in various locations.


The Cotterel Farms property is an excellent equestrian property which can be expanded and used by the owner as an equestrian lifestyle holding and allowing for the benefits of placing a Conservation Easement on the lands. The property, whether now or in the future, is ideally suited for residential development with a land size and water resources conducive to said development.