66 Farm

La Grange, WY - $12,800,000

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About 66 Farm

The Sixty Six is a highly productive irrigated farm located in La Grange , WY, a small agricultural town in the southeastern portion of the state, just 6 miles from the Nebraska border. The farm consists of 2506 contiguous deeded acres, of which 2045 are irrigated. 15 pivots and 3 mini pivots deliver irrigation water to the fertile cropland of the Sixty Six. The farm is very well watered, it is important to note that the farm benefits from both surface water rights and ground water rights. All 2045 acres have both adjudicated surface water, delivered via canal, and ground water, delivered via multiple irrigation Wells. The presence of two water sources provides protection and consistent crop production in the event of a low water year.

Currently the farm is primarily producing alfalfa hay with a few field rotations of beans and corn. Alfalfa yields have averaged in the 6 1/2 ton per acre range on 4 cuttings annually. Historically, the farm has also produced cash crops of potatoes and sugar beets, with very good yields.

Approximately 2/3 of the farm is under a cash lease arrangement while the remaining 1/3 is under a crop share agreement with a local producer. This structure has worked well providing ownership with stable income as well as benefiting from the upside of the farms high productivity. This is a generational Wyoming family farm that has never before been on the market. Please contact Broker for detailed income and crop information.