Buttermilk Ranch in Colorado

Delta, CO - Please call for pricing details

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About Buttermilk Ranch in Colorado


The headquarters is located eight miles southwest from Delta, Colorado on public roads. The mountain parcel is located southwest from the headquarters along the east slope of the Uncompahgre Plateau and connected by the BLM permit. The Forest Service permit adjoins the mountain parcel allowing the ranch to stage livestock for turnout and gathering off the forest permit.


The ranch is interconnected with deeded and leased lands and owner rated at 522 AU’s. The headquarters consists of 1,207 +/- acres of which 280 +/- acres are irrigated hay meadow and pasture, with the remaining 886 +/- acres being dryland grazing. The high country deeded mountain land consists of 1,100 +/- acres of dense forests of ponderosa, spruce, aspen and excellent grasslands.

The BLM Permit contains 608 AUM’s and the Forest Permit is rated at 522 head for the grazing season. The ranch has excellent water rights and more information is available by contacting the listing broker.

From and operational perspective, the cows are calved at the headquarters in the spring and moved up through the BLM permit to the mountain parcel before going onto the forest permit for the summer. In the fall the cattle reverse direction onto the mountain parcel and then trail back across the BLM permit to the headquarters for the winter where they are fed the hay and aftermath grazing that was raised during the summer.


The Buttermilk Ranch historically has been known as one of the best ranches in the Delta area. The ranch is a very efficient, low cost cattle operation that also offers the owner the opportunity for recreational and lifestyle benefits. The property is in the banana belt of western Colorado and within an hour of both the Grand Junction and Montrose airports. The owner is willing to offer the property in whole or create a 300-cow ranch consisting of about 1700 acres with 400 AUMs of BLM and 300 head of forest permit. Please contact the listing brokers for more information on this ranch opportunity.