Wegener Farms

47003 295th Ave.

Humphrey, NE - $11,579,559

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About Wegener Farms

The Wegener Farm is located across Perkins and Chase Counties in Western Central Nebraska, with its headquarters situated in Venango. The magnificent farm is a dryland operation containing 35 quarters and 5176 acres spread over a 20 mile area. Venango has impressive bragging rights of loading more railroad cars of grain than any elevator in the nation. In short, this is amazing farm country.
Mike Wegener has spent 15 +/- years gathering up these highly productive properties, purchasing only excellent, level dryland. He states that he began with 2 quarters and 1 hired man and now farms 35 quarters and still has 1 hired man. He says that its time to slow down.
The land has a rich history of excellent fields which can be seen in copies of the Multi Peril Crop Insurance records included in the property information packet attached.The opportunities are endless! There are five grain elevators on the railroad that are in close vicinity to the farm which give competitive bids for grain. The area also has several feedlots to where you can contract silage, hay and grain. There is an ethanol plant at Madrid that also buys corn. These elevators and feedlots are in a thirty five mile radius of the farm. This area is also an excellent area to set up a cattle feeding operation. You could grow your own sileage, hay and grain to feed your own cattle or start a custom feeding operation. You can buy wet distiller grain from the Madrid ethanol plant. The farm is centrally located between three major beef packing plants. This area of Nebraska raises several million bushels of grain each year and the close location to markets make this an ideal location to feed cattle. In addition, northwest of Imperial, Nebraska just 20 miles east of the Headquarters, there is a 7000 head organic Dairy being built that is planning to expand its operation in the future.
This farm also has the potential to be converted into an organic farm operation. With deep fertile soils, local access to manure and compost, good irrigation and good rainfall this farm is highly suited for organics.
Grant, Nebraska has a population of 1165 people. It is the county seat of Perkins, County. They built a new high school a couple of years ago and a new addition to the hospital. They have also expanded the airport to handle small jets. Doctors and other medical specialists fly into Grant on a regular basis to give medical care to patients. This is an excellent area to raise a family. Neighboring towns of Imperial and Holyoke are similar and offer excellent services as well and are located within 30 minutes.
There are 5 competing elevators within 30 miles of this property. There are dairies and feed lots providing additional markets for crops. This area of west central Nebraska has great farmers and this farm is one of the best operations in the area.

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